Monday, March 2, 2015

Build Your Own Brick Oven

Traffic on this blog indicates that there are hundreds of people building brick ovens for themselves.
Great!  I hope that the information contained in many of these posts has helped build successful wood-fired brick ovens.

I continue to recommend domed ovens over sprung arch ovens...and firebrick ovens over cast refractory ovens.  If you are looking for an oven that will not fall apart in your lifetime (or perhaps your grandchildren's), the dome, which has been the traditional shape of brick ovens for over three thousand years is the best choice.

Search this blog, which has over three hundred posts for nearly every detail in the process of building, firing and cooking.  Then decide how much you can do yourself.  I have helped owner builders when asked.  I also have a few workshops in the next year where you can get a hands-on feeling for the job.

Thanks for visiting.
David Neufeld
True Brick Ovens

Cold Comfort

The recent snow and cold in northern New England offered up a unique opportunity.

My back deck pictured here needed clearing.  Deep snow, blown, drifted, and sifted, packed like styrofoam.  Clearing the deck gave me blocks of snow for an amateur igloo, in progress.

Cold comfort...