Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Grey Market in Savannah

Sometimes ya just can't help but meet great people.  And then sometimes, there are amazing coincidences.  Matt, the baker for The Grey Market and The Grey in Savannah, Georgia took our order at the market one recent afternoon.  I had the fried oysters with chow chow on some great baguette-like bread.  Afterward, he asked how it was (I try new foods wherever I go).  I said the oysters and chow chow combo was great and so was the bread.  "I'm the baker" says he.
The Grey Market
"oh, I build brick ovens for bakers" says I.  "I was a baker at Eataly in Boston and LA." he goes on.
"A friend of mine, Don Lewis of Wildhive Farm supplies the flour for Eataly." I follow.
"Don! I learned to bake from Don." Matt says.  
"Get outta town!" I shout (not too loud).   We talk about Don, who is also a great guy.
"I might need a brick oven some day." he says.
As often happens, I don't have a card on me.
Matt writes my company name on his arm.  His co-worker says he does that with important stuff.
This is all to say, that casual conversations, even light compliments can lead anywhere.

If this leads you to Savannah, say hi to Matt for me.  And have a lunch at The Grey Market.  Later that week my wife and I ate at the counter of The Grey (featured on this season's Chef's Table). 
Both places were great.  Flavor, friendly, and beautiful.
The Grey Restaurant (counter)
The Grey (old Greyhound Bus Station)

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